Welcome to my serious web site for J2EE developers ! You'll find some simple articles about Java and some open-source components. I am an European software engineer who lives in Barcelona.


Web Development articles:

  • MVC Model 2 and Struts 1.1, Struts Controller and MVC model 2 described by UML diagrams. This article is an introduction to the Struts framework. You can trust my diagrams, they have been published in the new book of Ted Husted, Struts in Action.
  • 3 Tiers architecture example. This article will explain how to implement J2EE Design Patterns and use the latest open-source technologies (PicoContainer / Tapestry / Hibernate) through an example (will be published soon ...)

Java articles:

  • Graphs, How to implement a graph API in java ? The famous Dijkstra's algorithm is also detailed.
  • Junit Getting started from a complete example. I have also created a Junit HTML presentation(Press SPACE to go to next page).
  • Bookshelf, a list of books I would recommand to read if you want to be on the edge of the java open-source world ...

Components :


When I started this "site" in march 2002, I did not expect to receive so many "thank you" e-mails from all over the world ...Thanks to Internet, we all live in "peace" in a global village! So, I have added this section to thank the people who have read my articles and have found them useful (Looping the loop!).

Just writing to thank you for the UML examples on your web sites of Struts - it has saved me a lot of time having these available, esp. when explaining the structure of the Struts controller to IT managers. 21/07/2004.

Jason Halla (US)
Professional Java Architect / Developer
Moderator, Java, PHP, XML forums

I work for a software company here in Santiago, Chile. I was looking at your site where you publish a set of quite clear diagrams that shows how Struts framework works. Congratulations for quite good job.

Antonio (Chile)

I like your solution of the treeview! I was sure some nice soul out there already had this idea and was kind to share the implementation! Thanks. -- Mats

Thanks for the XTreeView component. Excellent! Anthony (South Africa)

I have recently translated your Xtreeview document into Korean language. You can find it at the url -- Han (Korea)

Hi, your Struts UML doc was helpful. You're good. Did you find a job? -- Marcus (USA)

I'm really amazed about the professional work u have done so far (sic) -- Moazzam (Pakistan)

Your article and your struts UML diagrams are very nice, thank you for publishing it. -- Hans-Joachim (Germany)